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What's New in 1.5


Execute scripts based on events that happen within the PowerShell Universal platform.

Single-File Configuration

Organize PowerShell Universal scripts how you like and kick it all off from a single file.

Mac OS X Support

We've expanded our platform support to include Apple's desktop operating system.

Custom Login Pages

Customize the look and feel of the login page to include your own colors, text and logo.



Build REST APIs with PowerShell scripts.

PowerShell APIs

Build REST APIs using PowerShell scripts. Accept parameters, return objects as JSON and serve files.


Secure endpoints using various authentication methods and define access using roles.

Rate Limits

Enforce configurable rate limits to avoid overwhelming your API server by preventing requests after a certain threshold.


Execute script, schedule jobs and delegate access

Execute Scripts

Execute PowerShell scripts and visualize the output and pipeline data.

Interact with PowerShell

Accept parameters to scripts in the UI and allow users to respond to feedback like Read-Host.

Schedule Jobs

Schedule jobs to run based on a CRON expression, continously or once in the future.


Execute scripts based on events that happen within the PowerShell Universal platform.

Run As

Execute scripts as alternate user accounts and store credentials in Windows Credential Manager.

PowerShell Support

Run scripts in Windows PowerShell or PowerShell 7.


Build real-time, interactive websites with PowerShell

Build Websites with PowerShell

Build dynamic websites with PowerShell using the Universal Dashboard module.


Choose from dozens of components both integrated in PowerShell Universal as well as on the Universal Dashboard Marketplace.

Role-Based Access

Control who has access to dashboards, pages and even individual sections of the page.

Publish Folders

Publish local folders so users can download files directly from the website.


Harness the power of the PowerShell Universal platform.

Script-based Configuration

Configure your Universal server with PowerShell scripts. Leverage the automatic reload functionality to develop solutions faster.

Authentication and Authorization

Configure authentication and authorization and use roles throughout the platform to provide access to who needs it.


Run PowerShell Universal on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or in Docker.

Management API

Manage PowerShell Universal via the REST API or official PowerShell module.

Use Cases

Self-Service Tools

Build self-service tools for users in your environment.

Heterogeneous Integration

Integrate with any type of tool, on any platform with standard HTTP requests.