PowerShell Pro Tools

A suite of tools for scripters building solutions with PowerShell.

What's New

Terminal User Interface Designer

Design interfaces that run in standard terminal windows.

WPF Designer

WPF Designer integration with VS Code and PSScriptPad.

Packaging on Linux

Create Linux executables out of PowerShell scripts.

Packaging on Mac OS X

Create Mac OS X executables out of PowerShell scripts.


Visual Studio

PowerShell Pro Tools integrates with Visual Studio.

PowerShell 7 Support

Author, execute and debug PowerShell 7 scripts in Visual Studio.

Compile Scripts

Compile scripts into .NET executables that work with Windows PowerShell and PowerShell 7.

Windows Forms (WinForms) Designer

Create Windows Forms using a drag and drop designer that is integrated in Visual Studio and accessible in Visual Studio Code using PSScriptPad.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Integration

Quickly build WPF forms in Visual Studio using the WPF designer with PowerShell integration.

PSScriptAnalyzer Support

Analyze scripts using PSScriptAnalyzer. Take advantage of solution-wide analysis to detect issues in any script within your project.

PowerShell Services

Build Windows Services using PowerShell scripts.

Visual Studio Code

PowerShell Pro Tools integrates with Visual Studio Code.


Use refactoring commands to quickly make changes to your code in a reliable way.

Windows Forms (WinForms) and WPF Designer

Take advantage of PSScriptPad integration in Visual Studio Code to develop GUIs in WinForms and WPF using PowerShell.

Performance Profiling

Analyze script performance with a built-in PowerShell script profiler.

Compile Scripts

Compile scripts into .NET executables that work with Windows PowerShell and PowerShell 7.


RapidSense provides high performance, customizable IntelliSense in Visual Studio Code.

PowerShell Explorer

Navigate various features of your PowerShell environment right in Visual Studio Code. View the AST, PowerShell processes, modules and variables.

Automate VS Code

Take advantage of cmdlets built for automating VS Code. Create new files, edit documents and show notifications.

Debugging Helpers

One-Click Attach and Run in new Terminal make it easier to debug PowerShell scripts.


PSScriptPad is a tiny, little editor for PowerShell.

Single-file Script Editor

PSScriptPad is a single file that you can easily drop on any machine you want to develop scripts.

Full Development Environment

Author, execute and debug Windows PowerShell and PowerShell 7 scripts.

Windows Forms (WinForms) and WPF Designer

Create forms with a drag and drop forms editor.

Compile Scripts

One-click compliation of PowerShell scripts into executables.

Integrated Console

Execute ad-hoc PowerShell commands in the integrated console with PSReadLine support.

Variable Explorer

Easily view variables that are currently defined within your PowerShell environment.

PowerShell Module

PowerShell Pro Tools provides a command line experience with the PS Pro module.

Compile Scripts

Compile scripts to executables on the command line with Merge-Script.

Global Hotkeys

Assign PowerShell script blocks to hotkeys that you can execute anywhere on your desktop.