Use refactoring commands to quickly make changes to your code in a reliable way.

Windows Forms (WinForms) and WPF Designer

Take advantage of PSScriptPad integration in Visual Studio Code to develop GUIs in WinForms and WPF using PowerShell.

Performance Profiling

Analyze script performance with a built-in PowerShell script profiler.

Compile Scripts

Compile scripts into .NET executables that work with Windows PowerShell and PowerShell 7.


RapidSense provides high performance, customizable IntelliSense in Visual Studio Code.

PowerShell Explorer

Navigate various features of your PowerShell environment right in Visual Studio Code. View the AST, PowerShell processes, modules, assemblies and variables.

.NET Decompiler

Decomile types loaded into the PowerShell process.

Sign On Save

Automatically sign scripts when they are saved.

Automate VS Code

Take advantage of cmdlets built for automating VS Code. Create new files, edit documents and show notifications.

Debugging Helpers

One-Click Attach and Run in new Terminal make it easier to debug PowerShell scripts.