Purchase Orders

Please contact us if you would like a quote and for us to process a purchase order.

Multi-item and subscription purchase orders

You can use our FastSpring web storefront to generate a quote for multiple items and subscriptions.

Tax Exemption

We process all payments through FastSpring which charges taxes based on location. If you are tax exempt, you can request a tax refund by contacting FastSpring. More information on tax refunds

Volume Discounts

We provide volume discounts for yearly licenses purchased by organizations. The tiers are listed below. While the full PowerShell Pro Tools suite is supported, bundles are not.
Quantity Discount
4 10%
8 20%
12+ 30%

PowerShell Protect Volume Discounts

Due to the nature of the PowerShell Protect product, we provide additional discounts for yearly organizational licenses.
Quantity Discount
20 10%
50 20%
100 30%
250 40%
500 50%
1000 60%
10000 70%
25000+ 80%

Increasing Quantity

You can increase the quantity of items you are ordering by clicking the shopping cart icon. It will provide a screen that will allow for increasing and decreasing the number of items ordered.10px